The origin of Walela is Cherokee
Translation: hummingbird
The hummingbird to the Cherokee is known as the bird of joy and is significant in Cherokee folklore

I hope you enjoy the following pages and in viewing them they bring you some joy
The hummingbird, though small in size,has such beauty and that beauty can't be denied nor one's fascination for them.
They are dainty yet their wings move so quickly. It appears still, but a good eye can see the fast flutter of its tiny wings as the bird of joy alights upon a flower.

To me and so many others, the hummingbird is a reminder to us of all the joys in our lives.
I wish to share with you, though these pages one of the joys in my life, our sailing adventures.

These are the sailing voyages of the
sailing vessel Walela and her crew,
Carl & Marilyn McDanel
Bob Cat

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